The Diversity Council CEO Pledge

The Diversity Council is dedicated to accelerating diversity, inclusion and gender parity in the corporate world and beyond. In the spirit of UN SDG 17 – ‘Partnerships for the Goals’ – The Diversity Council has jointly committed to three key leverage points that will further this essential agenda: “The ABCs of Diversity & Inclusion”

ACT inclusively, BUILD the balanced talent pipeline and COMMIT to flexibility.

The 21 partners signed the CEO Pledge in June 2020 in the presence of Mogens Jensen, Minister for Equal Opportunties

By taking action together, we aim to drive progress within our own organizations, and thereby the business community as a whole.

 A Joint Statement Regarding Respect at Work

“As part of our commitment to inclusive leadership and culture, we as The Diversity Council promote respect and belonging in all facets of the workplace and thereby also share a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment.”


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