30 participants, 9 countries, 5 companies – Fast-Track Program June 2019

Fast-Track Program for Emerging Female Managers

”The happiest people discover their own nature and match their life to it” – Ray Dalio

On Day One of the Fast-Track program, Professor Kriti Jain shared this statement from billionaire investor and philanthropist, Ray Dalio. By rooting the program firmly in identity, purpose and vision, participants were invited to ‘own their journey’. It meant that all the case studies explored, experts listened to, and tasks attempted, were considered in light of this initial task: of building a ‘life design canvas’ where personal purpose and mission underpinned their professional roles.

What followed was a five day learning experience in central Copenhagen, where participants were taught by a range of leading professors and experts, each with their own approach, to offer a new and holistic approach to leadership development. From VR explorations, to case studies from Zara and Nokia, the class balanced business theory with hands-on learning.

At the end of the week, participants were invited to reconsider their mission and purpose, in light of the strategic lessons learnt, and create a next step plan, to step into the roles they felt best matched their core competencies and values.

Over the next three months, they have been matched with mentors to monitor this extended learning journey, as they apply the tools acquired in their workplaces.

About the Program

The program has been created by Above & Beyond Group, in partnership with Headspring, by Financial Times & IE Business School, and has reimagined traditional education with a clear focus on learning by doing, and self-exploration.

Orchestrated by Program Director, Morven McLean, the participants left the program with new tools for implementing purpose and vision, with organizational, team, and customer-orientated strategic leadership from various international professors and a panel of experts from Tesla, Nokia, Vestas and Radiometer.

Alongside key learnings, the participants also bonded as a class – with spontaneous swimming trips, dinner and networking taking place throughout the week.

Participate in the Next Program?

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