The Advanced Leadership Program for Women

High-potential female talents are selected by their management for The Diversity Council’s Advanced Leadership Program for Women, which is made up of four modules lasting a total of ten days throughout the year.

The DC Advanced Leadership Program for Women is delivered together with the global team of Headspring Executive Development, a joint venture of Financial Times and IE Business School, and is based on various research findings regarding the barriers that most often seem to prevent women from rising all the way to the top of organizations.

Furthermore, the Advanced Leadership Program of The Diversity Council is focused on combining all the core elements and competencies necessary to be a world-class leader today. Each participant can also be allocated a personal mentor from one of the other partner companies. This unique program aims to balance the gender gap at the top of the pipeline.

The professors in our Advanced Leadership Program for Women come from some of the best universities in the world, such as, IE Business School in Madrid, London Business School, INSEAD and the University of Cambridge. In addition, leadership experts from McKinsey & Co., and senior journalists from The Financial Times, will also run courses. Their combined teaching will add value to any management team.

”I have seen first-hand how the Advanced Leadership Program can be an effective accelerator of a career, and that is what it is all about”
Anja Ellegaard Dahl
OrgSolutions Expert, McKinsey & Co.
Attended DC Advanced Leadership Program Class of 2017

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Anne Sofie Josephsen
COO at Above & Beyond Group

Why is the Program so impactful?

  • The high-performing female participants benefit from a cross-industry experience; learning together with the rising stars of other leading companies. ƒ
  • An Academic Director manages the leadership journey to ensure a cohesive learning experience.
  • The program is tailor-made and led by world-class business school faculty, internationally renowned thought-leaders and journalists from the Financial Times. ƒ
  • The program takes place over 12 months, with 4 focused modules at campus in Copenhagen, Financial Times (London) and IE Business School (Madrid). ƒ
  • The program includes attendance at Womenomics – the largest women in business conference in the Nordics. ƒ
  • Intermodular activities strengthen the development experience, include mentoring, online learning, peer-group work, self-development challenges and leadership dilemmas. ƒ
  • Participants benefit from a network including alumni from the previous years (2017/18/19).


Each partner company that decides to develop their high-potential female talents through The Diversity Council’s Advanced Leadership Program for Women, to further strengthen the pipeline of female executives at the very top of their organizations, will also be matched with highly competent mentors from the other partner companies. The mentors will meet and support the rising stars, share their own leadership experiences and thereby help the women build their career paths in the best possible way.

We have created a mentor algorithm to optimize the match between the current skillset of the mentee and the desired development areas that the mentors can potentially help to enhance. Mentors are typically senior level executives who commit to approximately six mentor sessions of around 1 hour each throughout the year in question.

“In my opinion the Cross-Industry Mentorship is a very important part of the DC Advanced Leadership Program for Women, as it provides the participants with the opportunity to seek guidance and advice from more senior business leaders throughout the program. At Tryg we have appointed mentors from the highest levels of the organization to ensure that the participants are mentored by people who can share their own experiences about making it to top management and having a successful career. For my own part, I am looking forward to mentoring an upcoming woman from another participating company, and I am convinced that this also will be rewarding and thought-provoking for me as the mentor.”
Miriam Igelsø Hvidt
Director of HR, Law and Facilities, Tryg

ALP Graduating Class of 2018

ALP Graduating Class of 2017