INNOBOOSTER: Bridging the Talent Gap in Denmark

McKinsey & Co. and Innovation Fund launched their joint report: ‘Bridging the Talent Gap in Denmark’ and hosted an ‘Innotalk’ event on the 1st of October to answer the question: ‘How do we strengthen the gender balance?’ with EU Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager. It was an evening of engaging debate, presentation of the data and analysis.

Speaking at the event were three CEOs from our Diversity Council Alliance: Kim Baroudy, CEO & Senior Partner at McKinsey & Co. Denmark, Marianne Dahl Steensen, CEO at Microsoft Denmark and Lars Rasmussen, CEO at Coloplast. Together they championed the case for increased women in leadership and a more inclusive culture, especially in the STEM fields.

Later in the week at our CEO Committee, Lisbeth Møller, Associate at McKinsey & Co. introduced the report to our DC CEO Committee in more depth, explaining the process of analysing gender diversity in Denmark, through the data of 50,000 individuals via LinkedIn and collaboration with various universities and institutions. They concluded that reaching parity in STEM educations would go a long way towards closing the talent gap, while also providing a 6 billion DKK boost to the Danish economy. By pinpointing 4 critical moments in a woman’s career trajectory -inspiring, attracting, retaining and advanced – the report has found 7 tools that can strengthen the talent pipeline:

  1. Provide female role models
  2. Speak to women
  3. Commit and make your own business case
  4. Reduce bias in recruitment processes
  5. Promote and inclusive work culture
  6. Advance female talent through mentorship and sponsorship
  7. Take the structural debate – inspired by peer experience

The Diversity Council has already gone some way to address these particular initiatives, through our CEO and HR meetings (3 and 7), #LeadtheFuture campaign (1), our Advanced Leadership Program (2 and 6) and our adaptive learning tools (4 and 5).

Read the full report here.


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