CEO Committee - October 2018

CEO Committee – October 2018 at The Central Bank of Denmark

On the 3rd of October, our Diversity Council CEO Committee meeting was kindly co-hosted by Lars Rohde, CEO of The Central Bank of Denmark. The discussion centred on ‘The Future Workplace’, both in terms of ensuring diverse leadership, and the challenges and advantages that technology and AI can bring for an inclusive culture. We were delighted to welcome FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance and The Central Bank of Denmark to the alliance for their first meeting, where they join Tryg, Radiometer, PwC, Maersk, Microsoft, McKinsey & Co, Lederne, Gorrissen Federspiel, The Foreign Ministry, The Danish Chamber of Commerce and Coloplast in The Scandinavian Diversity Council.

With digitalisation and automation governing discussion about the future workplace, the dependence on STEM skills will only increase, and yet women remain distinctly underrepresented in this sector. In 1995, 37% of computer scientists were women but today it’s only 24%, and women currently only hold 11% of executive positions in Silicon Valley. We discussed further opportunities to strengthen the talent pipeline, and introduced the new Advanced Leadership Program, which will accelerate the development of female talents worldwide through the reach of FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance, whose CEO, Gustaf Nordbäck, flew in from London to attend the meeting.

Through our #LeadtheFuture campaign, the Diversity Council partner companies have also been raising the profile of their current female leaders to highlight STEM role models for the next generation of female talents. Click here for more information.

To further examine this leadership deficit, Lisbeth Møller, Associate at McKinsey & Co, presented the McKinsey & Co. and Innovation Fund Report ‘Bridging the Talent Gap in Denmark’, which was released earlier this week. Møller shared their extensive findings regarding female representation in STEM and the 4 key moments in a woman’s career: inspiring, attracting, retaining and advancing. Click here to read the report.

In terms of the opportunities of AI, insights were provided by Alice Fishburn, senior Financial Times journalist. Fishburn not only shared examples of initiatives currently underway at the London-based newspaper to encourage more female writers, but also outlined cases in which AI could be utilised to prompt a more inclusive digital interface.

AI expert and co-founder of Droids Agency, Tim Daniel Hansen spoke about bias and how algorithms will shape the future workplace. Hansen showcased the danger of allowing algorithms to reinforce our interest, and close opportunities for diversity, especially in the recruitment process.

It was a stimulating and varied discussion, with the cross-industry insights emphasising the necessity of preparing for the digital future, where diversity positively correlates with innovation.



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