Global Leadership Program

An innovative global leadership program

Future leaders will be required to think beyond traditional business practices. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, new parameters will dictate business success. Essential to this will be diverse thinking and inclusion, adaptability, sustainability and digital transformation.

The Leaders of Tomorrow program builds senior leadership capability and empowers your top management to lead with success, by addressing the key areas that are increasingly essential to be competitive in the future.

The program inspires participants to think, rethink, reflect, question, debate, take action, and most importantly, develop a growth mindset over a 6-month period (depending on the individual organization’s timing and needs).

The 3 Main Modules of the Leadership Program




The program can be tailored to suit the needs of your organization, and can also be run in multiple locations, in order to empower your top management as they lead the future of your business.

Supported by a team of world-class educators from IE Business School and journalists from Financial Times, this unique program draws on world-class research outlining the importance of developing leadership capability to create a competitive advantage.