HR Workshop - March 2019 at Gorrissen Federspiel

HR Workshop – March 2019 at Gorrissen Federspiel

On the 1st of March, our Diversity Council HR workshop was hosted at Gorrissen Federspiel, where the theme was ’Strengthening the Female Talent Pipeline: Attracting And Recruiting Diverse Talents’. The discussion centred on four keys areas that impact recruitment: Attracting Generation Z and Y, Social Media, Optics and Wording in Job Adverts and Headhunting. 

We were delighted to welcome Vestas to the alliance for their first meeting, where they join Tryg, FT | IE Corporate learning Alliance, The Central Bank of Denmark, Radiometer, PwC, Maersk, Microsoft, McKinsey & Co, Lederne, Gorrissen Federspiel, The Foreign Ministry, The Danish Chamber of Commerce and Coloplast in The Diversity Council.

To further examine the tool needs to fully engage Generation Z and Y, Cultural Sociologist, Emilia Van Hauen, presented on the ontological insecurity of the future generations, who face immense pressure to be: productive, visible, liked and developing. With concrete examples and case studies, she concluded that the impetus is on those who are currently in the workforce to turn the generation gap into a generation bridge.

In terms of the way social media can be used to attract female talent, insights were provided by Astrid Haug, Digital Transformation and Social Media expert. Women are more active on social media than men – and engage more – this is an opportunity to target women in a different way. Haug presented several tools to implement a social media strategy through employee advocacy and the importance of ‘showing not telling’.

In order to understand what must be demanded of headhunters to ensure diverse slates during recruitment, Kim Arlund Nørgaard and Christian Skaaning, partners at Stanton Chase, shared their first-hand experiences in ensuring HR get the agile and adaptable talents needed in the workplace of the future. They drew attention to the fact that hiring processes should put less focus on past performance and more on future potential.

Representing Diversity Council founding partner company, Coloplast, Stine Fehmerling, Senior Manager Global Inclusion & Diversity, spoke about the steps currently being made by Coloplast to ensure inclusive optics and wording in their job adverts, including recent photoshoots, updated policies and the importance of representing the diversity of employees in job adverts.

It was a stimulating and varied discussion, with the cross-industry insights producing key recommendations in each of the four areas to strengthen the talent pipeline and ensure the engagement of the full talent pool.


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