Lead the Future - Role Model Campaign

Lead The Future – Role Model Campaign

As an alliance, The Diversity Council facilitates joint campaigns, whereby all partners can participate and gain wider traction through the combined resources and increased profile of the Council.

This concept has already been proven in Denmark, where The Diversity Council worked with the Minister for Equal Opportunities to launch the ‘Lead the Future’ campaign with a joint budget and the objective of strengthening the future pipeline of female talents and leaders, by highlighting female role models from the partner companies, to university students.

A recent Danish survey showed that 60% of managers in Denmark had higher educations within the area of economy, business and engineering. Yet, only about 30% of the students on these courses are currently women.

“If you want to have an impact on the world and your own everyday life, you have to become a leader”

Nana Bule,
COO/CMO, Microsoft Denmark

To change this, we created the ‘Lead the Future’ campaign, in which we interviewed 32 female leaders from the DC partner companies – mainly with STEM education – and shared statements and videos through social media and in the press, arranged roadshows, where the female leaders spoke at universities, and shared their career journey with the young ambitious students.
The whole campaign was designed to show young women the value in choosing an educational path that could equip them for leadership, resulting in more female leaders and bringing all talents into play. At the same time, the campaign introduced companies to potential future employees, and raised the profile of The Diversity Council partners at universities.


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