Womenomics 2019 - Save The Date

Womenomics 2019 – Save The Date

Womenomics Nordic Business Conference 2019

21st May 2019, Tivoli Concert Hall, Denmark

“How Balanced Leadership and the Female Economy will Shape the Digital Future”


The business case for gender parity

Diversity improves talent pipelines, strengthens market development and builds an enabling investment climate. By considering the full scope of the business case for diversity, companies can unlock opportunities for increased profit, growth and innovation. The Womenomics Nordic Business Conference 2019 will look at what this means in term of urgent business needs, with insights from CEOs and experts leading the way.

Future trends and attracting the next generation of talents

Engaging millennials should be a priority for all companies seeking to acquire, and thus develop, future top leaders. And at the same time, traditional work environments are being replaced with flexible work hours, a focus on adaptability and technology. What will the workplace of the future look like? And how can companies appeal to the next generation?

The digital dimension of tomorrow’s consumer and augmented retailing

The ripple effects of the fourth industrial revolution will spread far beyond the limits of our imagination, but one area where we are seeing major transformation already is the retail sector. Online sites, influencer marketing and even augmented retailing are changing the way we shop, and appeal to consumers, forever.

Womenomics in the financial sector

The market opportunities are substantial for the companies that will communicate intelligently with the current and next generation of female customers, given the great influence women have over purchase decisions, and booming female financial independence meaning in 2018 global spending by women will reach $18 trillion.